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DJ Frosted - Another World DJ Frosted - Another World

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Appalling presentation...

...Well, all I can say is you need to improve. The melody is just an arp. I wouldn't see myself enjoying this at a club or anything.

Keep it up, though. From your other submissions I can tell a difference in quality in this one.

DJ-Frosted responds:

whats that you like men? thats gross man

Adrenaline FX Adrenaline FX

Rated 4 / 5 stars


I don't see why you find Fruity Loops lacks something, that is, however if you use a version before they changed it's name to FL Studio.

I use FL Studio as my main sequencer, Cubase for mastering, and Reason in conjunction with FL Studio.

A poor worksman blames his tools. I've even found unique sounds in FL's deafult stuff with enough altering.

Anyway nice song, but it seems you used bland sounds/synths and drums. The melody is nice though(unique/original). Make your own presets if that's not the case already.

axeFX responds:

nah man I used FL 8. AND... the reason I need a change, is because ive obtained too many bad habits with FL that its seriously limiting my compositional abilities :\ I only used one preset... but I EQed it quite a bit.